Felt Bear Finger Puppet

Sometimes, children need assistance with developing their fine motor skills, and there are a lot of educational toys to assist them with fine motor skills development.

Felt Bear finger puppet is one of the toy that can be used for fine motor skills development. Felt Bear finger puppet PDF pattern

 Fine motor movements involve coordination of small muscles in hands and fingers. Development of fine motor skills allows kids to be able to complete tasks such as writing, drawing and buttoning. With pincer grip, child uses only his thumb and index finger to hold and manipulate small objects. It takes time and practice for children to strengthen the muscles used in the pincer grip.

This felt finger puppet bear toy is a good way to demonstrate the proper pincer grip for your child.

Felt Bear finger puppet 2

Playing with this toy will help him/her to strengthen his/her pincer grip. Child will be glad to help the bear to pick up small objects.

Felt Bear finger puppet 3

Take two bears and work on bimanual coordination.

Felt Bear finger puppet 4

 With this Bear finger puppets you can even create your own puppet show!

 Felt Bear finger puppet 5

It’s easy to make this toy with my PDF pattern. You will need felt, needle, thread, scissors and very basic sewing skills.